About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog; I hope you enjoy your stay! My name is Sidra and I'm pretty much your typical book nerd. Books and stories are my life, and I hope that this blog will be a vessel for me to convey and share my reading experiences to and with you.

Here are some of the genres that I enjoy: 

- Young Adult (duh!) 
- Historical Fiction (huge favorite) 
- Fantasy (a new favorite but oh so good!) 
- Paranormal (sometimes, depending on what is being portrayed and how) 
- Romance (oo la la) 
- Historical non-fiction (this includes biographies, autobiographies, etc.) 
- and so many more! 

(NOTE: This list will forever be changing as I grow as both a person and a reader) 

Clearly, I've fallen for the book. Here's hoping that you do too! Enjoy!

You can also find me on Goodreads

- Sidra 

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